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“At Ease”

“Inner Light”

“Safe & Sound”


“Out of the Blue”


“Beneath the Surface”


“Sun Tower”

“Dreaming in Daisy”

“Flowers in My Window”

“Chillin’ With the Chives”

“Shoot for the Stars”

“Any Way the Wind Blows”

“Discovering Gold”

“Open Up”

“Dance in the Rain”

“Blooms of Joy”


“In Love”

“All Dressed Up & Ready to Go”

“Growing Rains”

“Climbing the Walls”

“Good as Gold”

“In the Quiet”

“Life Well Lived”

“Balsam for My Root”

“Up Against the Wall”

“Why Not?”

“Sunflower Buddies”

“Open Up Study”

“Reaching Out”

“Light of Hope”

“Lupine Love”

“Fire in Water”

“Blooming Life”

“Last Dance”




Reproductions of some paintings can be found at

Fine Art America 


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Florals — 6 Comments

  1. The flowers with the purple center are still my fave, but I love them all I just should have bought it at the Art in the park!! I hope to someday if someone doesn’t beat me to it…..love to you

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