Showin' Up for the Ball Poppy landscape Painting by Lisa Gibson
Calling My Name Sandhill Crane Painting by Lisa Gibson
Beneath the Surface Poppy Painting by Lisa Gibson
Sanctuary Poppy Painting by Lisa Gibson
Showin' Up for the Ball
Calling My Name
Beneath the Surface
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Flowers seem to have personalities and their traits bring to mind life analogies. When hope lights up in our soul, we are able to take the steps to healing from the many bruises life throws at us. Then we are able to push our way through the difficulties, emerging with new energy just as a plant pushes through the soil. Blooming is such a beautiful metaphor for our purpose and passions becoming known and showing the way to wellness for others.


I’m not concerned with realism in my work – I paint ideas, concepts, impressions. Therefore, you will see colors that may be off from reality and proportions or scenes that aren’t entirely natural.  I can assure you, it’s on purpose!


At times I also paint landscapes and wildlife, including birds. Our home here in Montana gives me no shortage of subject matter to bring to the easel. Enjoy your visit!



Lisa Gibson Art – Flower Paintings, Healing Art, Floral Decor — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Lisa, I was blessed with seeing your art displayed at the Helena Public Library and was so impressed Beautiful, creative. Thank you for sharing with us these lovely pieces. I will be following your work in the future as well.

  2. Hi Lisa, I was so pleased to see a Montana artist interviewed. I am also a Montana artist. We have similar values thats for sure. I live in the Ruby Valley, by Sheridan Montana. Congratulations on your success! I have not yet come out publically, nor have I done shows. I do post my art on FB and on my website. Hope to meet up with you one of these days. Keep on painting, your work is Beautiful. Cheryl

    • Thank you so much, Cheryl! Your work is lovely and vibrant, you should seriously consider doing shows. As we wander around the state with our art I’m sure we’ll meet some time. 🙂

  3. Hey there, Uncle Jim! SO glad you stopped by and enjoy the paintings – it’s always great to get feedback. I try to get new works on the site regularly, but I also have a studio update newsletter every month if you want that so you don’t miss anything. 🙂

  4. Beautiful Lisa. Diana has kept us up to date on your painting. You are an extremely talented woman. Being an animal lover, the wildlife series is close to my heart. Exceptional! Kathia and I will be following your work. Hope to purchase a piece soon.

    Uncle Jim in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

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