It can be so easy to get sucked under by the dark side of Life! To allow ourselves to dwell on bummers and build our lives under their shadow.


An important practice for me has been to decide where to place my focus each day. Is it going to be on the sad or infuriating elements? Or on the lovely and life-giving elements that are also always there? Every day we have that choice and decision to make – some days are harder than others! It’s through this intentional focus that my art is created.


Acrylic is my favorite medium with its wide range of expressions. Ink, watercolor and colored pencil at times play supporting roles. I frequently sketch while enjoying the outdoors, but the majority of my painting is in the studio.




Lisa Gibson studied design by squinting at the values and patterns in many locations throughout her life. Montana has been her classroom for well over half of it. She explored creativity through photography, quilt making and pine needle basketry before learning that painting combines all of the elements she loves – color and design with a tactile, hands-on approach. Besides, she is a lousy seamstress. Her home is shared in Lincoln, MT with her family and spoiled house rabbit.