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  1. Being sick, is challenging my ‘faith’ and ‘relationship with God’ each day!! Ever notice, it’s easier to be faithful when life is going ‘well’?? Uh, yeah!!

    You are very wise, Lisa! Trust yourself!! Feel it! I feel it each time we see each other! Thanks for sharing your peace; In person, AND within your art!

    • You are so kind and encouraging, Sara – thank you! I can only imagine what you go through with your illness. It’s definitely something I’ve never grappled with and have no way to relate to those kinds of challenges other than from what I’ve learned from those who do. You do it well and your honesty and openness in the process is no doubt encouraging to others. We all need to know we are not alone, no matter what our struggles may be. Keep on keepin’ on dear friend! <3

  2. I love this blog post and your words are something I think of often. ☺️ My favorite rescue effort when I’m feeling pressured and frustrated is to remember and lean in to my guiding values. I’m not a person of religion, but I’ve given a lot of heartfelt consideration to the values that guide me. It’s a deliberate thought process that often soothes my anxiety, reminds me of my core strengths, and often answers vexing questions about current issues. Thanks for this, Lisa!

    • It’s wonderful that you have taken the time to deliberately think through not only what your guiding values *are*, but that you consciously bring them up in those situations as an anchor. I respect the fact that religion is deeply meaningful for many, but I found myself even more tightly wound while being religious. Once I let go of what became in my mind the “Should Bes” I was able to flow through life in a much more peaceful manner. Surprising to me at the time, letting go of that mindset also helped me clarify my own core values and has been immensely strengthening. Thank you so much for commenting, Sheri!

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