Hot Dogs In Paradise — 4 Comments

  1. If you ever give up your ‘day job’ of painting, you should become a writer of your thoughts! Outstanding! And so genuinely shared. Refreshing!

  2. Your picture of the moon above the trees is terrific! A few of my favorite places are streams running through a cool mountain pass, wildflowers in the meadow with the smell of sage, and the beach at sunset. I have had the opportunity to live all over the country, so there are many places I can go to in my mind and enjoy again and again.

    • Oh, yes, I love all those places too! And you’re so right about being able to enjoy them again and again. Good memories are quite a treasure, and can provide a bright spot whenever needed.

      Hubby Ron took the picture of the moon. I love the color gradation in the sky, it’s so perfectly blended. Have a beautiful day!

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