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Calling My Name Sandhill Crane Painting thumbnail by Lisa Gibson

“Calling My Name”

Where Did They Go Butterfly Painting thumbnail by Lisa Gibson

“Where Did They Go?”

Sanctuary Poppy Painting thumbnail by Lisa Gibson


Need. Food. Pygmy Owl Painting Thumbnail by Lisa Gibson

“Need. Food.”

Brown's Lake Montana Enchantment

“Browns Lake Enchantment”

Making An Appearance Moose Painting by Lisa Gibson

“Making an Appearance”

Layin' Low Calf Elk Painting by Lisa Gibson, Artist.

“Layin’ Low”

Browns Lake Montana Held Me Captive sunset painting by Lisa Gibson

“Browns Lake Held Me Captive”

In The Quiet forest painting by Lisa Gibson

“In the Quiet”


Talkin'Bout The Weather Magpie Painting by Lisa Gibson

“Talkin’ ‘Bout the Weather”


Marsh Magic Bird Painting by Lisa Gibson

“Marsh Magic”


Prairie Sunrise Painting by Lisa Gibson

“Prairie Sunrise”

Launched bird & poppy painting by Lisa Gibson


February's Face cottontail in the snow painting by Lisa Gibson

“February’s Face”


Windy Willow tree painting by Lisa Gibson

“Windy Willow”

Why Not? red iris painting by Lisa Gibson

“Why Not?”

Spring Shed Watercolor Painting by Lisa Gibson

“Spring Shed”









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