I’m delighted you want a custom painting – it will be a fun journey to collaborate with you! Following are the two ways I can paint a piece especially for you:


Scenario 1) If the painting you desire is similar to my current line of work and I have complete freedom to create it as I see fit, I’m able to give you a lot more flexibility. No deposit will be required, and you are under NO obligation to purchase it if you are not 1000% pleased when it is finished. All terms except for b) below, do apply. It is completely at my discretion to determine if your project falls into this category.


Scenario 2) If the painting you desire is not similar to my current line of work for any reason, then the following terms apply:


a) After we have size, subject(s) and finishing determined, I will quote you the finished, delivered price and the date of completion.


b) A 50% deposit will be required after we have the above determined and before I begin work on your painting. (not applicable to scenario #1 above)


c) One adjustment will be allowed upon completion before the final payment and delivery. Further adjustments will be billed at $20 per hour.


d) The painting will be delivered or shipped after the final payment is received and cleared.


Click here if you’d like to use a worksheet to help us get started. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I’m thrilled with your enthusiasm and excited to work with you!